Get rid of Time Clock

“Work more hours to get more job done”. This was a common phrase some years ago when association of work hours with productivity was direct. A person who was at the work for few hours was directly associated to a lazy person with few productivity and a person how was at work many hours was directly associated to a productive person. Despite being a talk from the past this is the present way of thinking of many companies all over the world.

From this thinking the time clock appeared to control the number of hours that a worker stay in the company being a way to verify that workers were producing and to comply with the agreement between the worker and the company. The time clock is a very important tool when you want only the worker’s presence or overtime work are paid, for example in production lines, but when you want the worker to give his best and be in the best condition at work with commitment, controlling their schedule and work hours will not be the best way to achieve this.

When the company puts someone “punching in” and “punching out”, this worker will immediately feel that the company do not have confidence in the devotion of the worker to the company which will make him feel not valued by their work. This could be the beginning of a process that leads to a loss of productivity per number of hours worked. The employee must feel that the work has to be done for the good of the company and enjoy what is doing, not just by obligation or to satisfy their boss. The relationship between the company and the employee must go over the contract and should be a way of being, but this requires that the worker can control their work and have autonomy and nothing worse to kill productivity than compel someone to do something that is not willing to do or do not feel that is the best to do.

The autonomy, flexibility and reliance in the work should be encouraged. Only then employes can find happiness at work and be productive.

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