Walk away to find creativity

In a fast world where creativity and innovation are essential features for business survival, it is necessary to have the required conditions to develop this two characteristics. Placing people in offices for 8 hours a day doing the same job and function for several years, may not be the best way to achieve this.

Our brain is developed with external stimuli from the birth to the dead so it is vital that we are exposed to many different stimuli form outside our body. In case of a person that has a daily routine, which always perform the same work, always talk to the same people and not get out of their comfort zone, that person will not develop the same as a person who speaks with many different people, performs many different tasks and daily receives many different stimuli.

The innovation and creativity of people depends on received stimuli and with that innovation a creativity, companies can create projects of high value and high grow rates.

Creativity Work Away

It is necessary to end up with a fixed function and a steady work place in the companies for a lifetime. The conditions to receive stimuli must be created by the companies and so the employees can empower themselves to create and develop the best projects ever heard.

The vast majority of companies are not prepared for this kind of approach because it is necessary to have flexible structures and cultures that are powered by the individual ambition and leads to the collective results. The approach is not easy, but the way oto make successful businesses is not easy and it is this kind of attitude and way of working that distinguishes them.

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